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Sterling Silver Earrings with Green Onyx
Sterling Silver Earrings with Green Onyx

Sterling Silver Earrings with Green Onyx

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Sterling Silver Earrings with Green Onyx

925 Silver Jaipur Has A Unique Collection Of Alluring Silver Earring That Are Perfect For All Occasions. Our Focus Is On Creating Jewelry Masterpieces In Stone Silver Earrings For Women 925 Silver Jaipur Design The Products On A Base Of Pure 925 Sterling Silver With Silver Finish And Gold Plating. The Green Onyx Is One Of The Special Soothing Gemstones In The Onyx Family. It Is A Gorgeous Combination Of The Green And The Onyx Slide. The Green Onyx Is Especially Physical Healing. Green Onyx Is Associated With Heart Chakra And The Planet Mercury. It Helps To Develop Your Public Speaking Ability, Creativeness, And Also Encourage You To Express Your Feelings And Thoughts. This Stone Creates A Bridge Between The Upper Three Chakras And The Lower Three Chakras. The Green Onyx Is The Symbol Of Restfulness And Purity. This Green Soothing Stone Has The Power To Relieve You All Worries, Tension, Stress, And Fears. It Is Believed To Provide A Positive Feeling, Strong Mental Support, And Helps To Take Wise Decisions During Your Difficulties. This Soothing Gemstone Is Related To Love, Affection, And Friendship And Also Enhances Proximity Sensuality And Sexuality. 925 Silver Jaipur Endeavor To Convey The Worth We Have Guaranteed You. Browse Through Our Extensive Catlog Of Pure Silver Earrings For Women And Pick Your Favourite One Out.

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