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Kasu Mala

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Kasu Mala is the very owned South Indian Jewellery worn by women occasionally and on festive celebrations. Kasu Mala Silver Necklace comprises a collection of little coins that adds charm to the beauty. The word Kasu means COIN and Mala denote NECKLACE. Kasu Mala Silver Necklace is an elegant South Indian jewellery which is also adorned by the bride during marriage ceremonies. 925 Silver Jaipur has several majestic designs in Kasu Mala Silver Necklace collections at a very attractive price. Kasu Mala Silver Necklace symbolizes prestige and royal look. 925 Silver Jaipur manufactures designer and elegant Kasu Mala Silver Necklace for our valuable client that will give a very lavish look and make you stand out of the crowd. Check 925 Silver Jaipur for more adorable Silver Jewelry and designs of Antique Jewelry.

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