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If you love to keep yourself updated with the fashion trends and style, then let us tell you that artificial nose rings have taken the world by storm. A nose pin is not something that has been introduced in recent years. Indian women have been adorning themselves with this stunning accessory for centuries. Just the patterns and designs have changed. To satiate the ever-evolving fashion needs of women, craftsmen and artisans have come up with distinctive styles of silver nose pins, stone studded nose rings, semi-precious nose studs, and many more.


Wearing silver jewellery is gaining a lot of popularity as there are many different types of silver available in the market today. Silver has known to be the proven track record as a powerful antimicrobial agent which help in fighting infections and it has many significant health benefits. There are different silver used for making jewellery. Whether it is a silver pendant, ring or necklace, silver jewellery looks extremely beautiful and amazing. So grab the latest designer silver jewellery online India.

People have been piercing their nose for a variety of reasons for more than 4,000 years. This culture started from the Middle East and travelled through all over in India and yet it took thousands of years to become a common practise in western civilization. Nostril piercing is also mentioned in Bible, in which Abraham’s son Isaac gives his wife Rebecca a golden ‘Shanf’ which is Hebrew for ‘Nose ring’. Additionally, the size of a woman’s nose ring describes how wealthy his husband’s family is and in some cases describes the wealth of daughter’s family as a part of dowry culture.


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Are you wondering, what would compliment with your expensive men ethnic wear? May be, a silver bracelet for men! But before you explore the online markets to buy the appropriate  bracelet for your wrist, you have to bear a few important things in your mind from range to designs.

We’ve jotted down a list of the things that will help you out to get your hands on the perfect silver jewellery online India.

Well, we won’t be exaggerating if we say that Indian women and jewellery go hand in hand. Now, not only diamond but any kind of jewellery piece is considered their best friend. Gone are the days when women used to don jewellery as a traditional practice, they now wear it to make a style statement and follow latest fashion trends.

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