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Unique design vintage silver bangle
Unique design vintage silver bangle

Unique design vintage silver bangle

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Quantity: 1

Size: 2.4

Product Finish: Silver

Weight: 95Gram

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Silver Kadas, not a lot different from silver bangles but still make a statement that makes one truly stand out. Silver Kada is a unique silver jewellery that compliments the looks of both men and women, through their antique finish. Our Silver kadas’ are not restricted to just plain bangle designs but with intricate work of our craftsmen, stone embellishments, temple design engravings and much more. Without thinking twice, browse through our collection of Silver kadas’ and find your suited piece. We provide Purity Certificates for every product that is valued at Rs. 1000 or more. Some silver bangle are adjustable so one size fits all.

VENDOR - 6109(SM)

Size : 2.4
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