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Turquoise Silver Pendant|Indian Silver Pendant
Turquoise Silver Pendant|Indian Silver Pendant

Turquoise Silver Pendant |Indian Silver Pendant

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Polish :
  • Two Tone ( ₹110.00 extra) Gold Polish ( ₹110.00 extra )

SKU ID: 6313

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Size: 1.8

Product Finish: Silver

Weight: 11Gram

Additional Details:

Beautiful Turquoise Silver Pendant

Silver Pendants are manufactured with uncompromised care and top-notch quality. Silver Pendant designers make sure that the pendants are impeccably beautiful and elegant. These silver pendants suits with every dress you wear and are fit for every occasion and function.

Antique Jewelry is known by its rarity, prestige, uniqueness or the vintage look. Antique jewelry has a rough look with a combination of historical charm. This type of jewelry mainly made to show the beauty of ancient times.

Silver Jewellery At It's Best.

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