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925 Silver Jaipur Featured in Femina issue Sept'19

925 Silver Jaipur Featured in Femina issue Sept'19

26-October | By 925silverjaipur


A little silver goes a long way

What: Antique charisma by 925 Silver Jaipur

What we Liked: 925 Silver Jaipur brings the classic jewellery with their new black patina oxidised range antique Charisma. The collection features designs such as pankha, jharoka, mukut and jhumlis with detailing and traditional motifs, which will make for a perfect fusion looks. These statement ethnic pieces include bracelets, earrings, necklaces and animal motifs crafted in various shapes and are embellished with colour stones and pearls for the oomph and to give an edge to your basic, everyday outfit.


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