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Come join us in our initiative of spreading Jaipur's best Handcrafted Silver Jewellery all over the globe. Get Pure silver Jewellery at wholesale rates and experience Jewellery designs like never before.


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With the changing fashion trends and patterns, silver still remains a popular choice in jewellery. Often, people prefer silver over expensive metals such as gold and platinum because it offers versatility. Silver in its raw state is delicate and is not ideal for transforming into adornments. Thus, pure silver is blended with either copper or nickel or other metal alloys. Are you looking for perfection along with a tinge of beauty? Without a second thought, go with sterling silver jewellery!

One of the biggest responsibilities of a jewellery retailer is to deliver top-notch quality products to its different customers. For that, you have to be careful enough to bring home merely hallmarked sterling silver jewellery. You have to understand that there is a slight difference between machine-made and hand-man products. Because of the manual efforts and time, handcrafted items are usually costlier as compared to manufactured jewellery items. Buying wholesale 925 silver jewellery is not a child’s play. Understand the parameters which influence the pricing policies of various jewelry pieces. The proof of authentication of a wholesale jewellery supplier lies right on the jewellery in the form of certification. Therefore you are not required to go from one store to another to get your jewellery tested. 


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