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Evil Eye Sterling Silver Pendant With Chain
Evil Eye Sterling Silver Pendant With Chain

Evil Eye Sterling Silver Pendant With Chain

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Evil Eye Sterling Silver Pendant With Chain

The Evil Eye - First Recorded By The Mesopotamian About 5,000 Years Ago In Cuneiform On Clay Tablets, The Evil Eye May Actually Have Originated As Early As The Upper Palaeolithic Age. We Find This Figure In Jewish, Christian, And Muslim Cultures As Well As Buddhist And Hindu Societies. Many Cultures Believe That Receiving The Evil Eye Will Cause One Misfortune, Bad Luck, Or Injury. Mal De Ojo Jewelry And Talismans Created To Protect Against The Evil Eye Are Also Frequently Called "Evil Eyes". The 'Evil Eye' 'Mati' 'Ojo Turco' 'Nazar' The Tradition Of The Charm Persists, For New Babies, New Businesses, Housewarmings, And Even New Cars – Any Occasion When A 'Good Luck' Wish Is Called For. The Real Story Behind The Evil Eye Beads Or Lucky Eye Beads. The Most Popular Colour Is A Deep Blue, Just Like The Greek Seas. This Sapphire Or Cobalt Blue Is The Classic Interpretation, But Over The Years Many Other Colors Have Come To Symbolize Different Meanings. Below Are Some Of The Most Popular Colors And What They Mean.  Get The Evil Eye Jewelry For Your Loved Ones And Grab Your Piece Of Jewelry Quickly Only At Our Online Store 925 Silver Jaipur

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