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24-February | By 925silverjaipur

In India, Tribal Silver Jewellery is as old as the Indian civilization itself. India has varying lifestyles and fashion ethics spread across every region. The Indian love for Silver is growing nowadays. Tribal Silver Jewellery is one of the most distinct and enchanting forms of jewelry in India. The origin of Tribal Silver Jewellery is from ethnic Tribal Communities.


The jewelry is loved by women all over the world. In this modern era, the Tribal Silver jewelry has its unique traditions and values. In Ancient Times, Tribal Silver Jewellery communicates about the status, wealth, spiritual beliefs and even Tribal Silver Jewellery prettify every significant part of the body. Nowadays Tribal Silver Jewellery is the hottest trend in youth. Tribal Silver Jewellery has seen everywhere from the red carpet to fashion streets. These are relatively easier on the pocket and are a big hit among the young fashionistas. Tribal Silver Jewellery pieces are rarely uniform in shape. Tribal Silver Jewellery intended to be worn as a form of beautiful adornment. Tribal Silver Jewellery is a rich source of diverse cultural symbols. Tribal Silver Jewellery is in so much demand that is growing every day in the fashion world.


  • BANJARA - Rajasthan

Banjaras are a nomadic tribe of Rajasthan who is mostly known for its colorful and heavy jewelry. The Banjara tribes wore belts around their waist to complete their attire. Rajasthani Silverware is very much popular all over the world. 925 Silver Jaipur is a manufacturer of adorable Banjara Tribal Silver Jewellery which gives the fabulous look for any traditional attire. Tribal Silver Jewellery can be used for the Dandia event also. The designs at 925 Silver Jaipur will give you above the sky look on your Dandia Attire.


                                                                                                                                          Banjara Jewellery 

  • BASTAR - Madhya Pradesh

Bastars are the tribes in Madhya Pradesh that stand out of the crowd by the ornaments made of grass and beads. The Traditional ornaments adorn by Bastars tribes are made of Silver,  peacock feathers and Wildflowers mostly. These Tribes are also very much interested in coin Jewellery. The creativity level of the Tribal Silver Jewellery can be seen at 925 Silver Jaipur. Designs and collection at 925 Silver Jewellery will surely hold your breath and force you to buy from us. So keep shopping from us. 


                                                                                                                                             Bastar Jewellery

  • KHASI, JAINTIA, GARO – Meghalaya

The tribal people in Meghalaya have a good and refined sense of jewelry art. The Silver Necklaces, Silver Bracelets, Silver Earrings, and Silver Belts are differently crafted by adding the stems and glasses that are quite captivating pieces of art. 925 Silver Jaipur manufactured this Tribal Silver Jewelry with fine art. If you are fond of Tribal Silver Jewellery then my friend this is the place where you can find a huge collection of Silver. Ornaments available here are eye-catching and most amiable by the crowd. Keep shopping with our online store 925 Silver Jaipur.


                                                                                                                                                    Meghalaya Jewellery

  • BHUTIA – Sikkim

The tribal people in Sikkim are fond of alluring, complex, and beautiful designs of jewelry. Earlier times they used to wear Gold ornaments but because of the cost factor, they are now shifted to Silver ornaments. The usage of Turquoise stones and other many stones makes their jewelry style utterly unique. 925 Silver Jaipur is the best manufacturer of Silver Jewelry with stones for both men and women. The collection at 925 Silver Jaipur is unique and cherishable.


                                                                                                                                                       Bhutia Jewellery

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