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Traditional and Modern Jewelry

Traditional and Modern Jewelry

08-April | By 925silverjaipur

Traditional and Modern Jewelry


Traditional jewellery was a part of Indian society since the time of civilization. Indian Traditional Jewellery holds the utmost significance and also considered as an auspicious ornament for Indian women. In Indian culture and tradition, the attraction for traditional jewellery is becoming the main part nowadays as well as it is also considered as a symbol of honor for Indian women. To emphasize the feminine beauty, women use traditional silver jewellery more than the other metals.

Silver Modern Jewellery is trending among the ladies and girls. The latest designs and collection of silver modern jewellery at 925 Silver Jaipur is adorable and unique. Silver modern jewellery can be worn on any attire of your choice. We care for our clients' tastes and preferences so different types of jewellery are available at 925 Silver Jaipur with stylish designs. Let’s have a look at the alluring collection of 925 Silver Jaipur.




Silver Bangles are the most important ornament which is worn around the wrist. It gives a classy and stylish look. This is the only jewelry found in every woman’s jewelry box. Silver Bangles are the precious gift that can be given to your amiable ones. You can find these attractive Silver bangles and KADAS here at 925 Silver. The designs will surely make you buy the jewels from us online at 925 Silver Jaipur.




925 silver Jewellery brings the unique collection of Silver Necklaces that adds a charm to your complete attire. Sterling silver necklaces are manufactured to make you look elegant with any of your dress up. 925 Silver Jaipur provides a huge range of antique silver necklace to make your style preference more pleasing and good-looking. We crafted sterling silver jewelry with high quality hallmarked jewelry to our clients. We have a variety of Silver choker necklace that will add beauty and make you presentable in front of the crowd. All the Sterling Silver necklaces and Silver choker necklaces are made with love and care to make you stand out of the world.




The specialties of Silver Jhumkas are we can wear them on each occasion on every outfit. Make your presence out of the crowd by these Silver jhumkas and Feel exceptionally adorable by the designs of 925 Silver Jaipur. All the varieties of Silver Jhukams are available here that made your look outstanding. We provide you the Silver jhumkas that give you a stunning look which you never experienced before. The handmade stylish designed silver jhumkas at 925 Silver Jaipur adds more beauty to the outfit. These Silver jhumkas are an all-time favorite for all groups of women. The best part of these Silver jhumkas is that they are easy to wear at any kind of attire like with saree or ghagra or salwar kameez or any other of your choice.




Whenever we get ready for any occasion or festival, what comes first in our mind that completes our look? Yes its EARRINGS, because this completes our look and frame a face. Silver Earrings are an essential part of every woman’s jewelry box.  To make yourself more pretty or sparkly then stop searching anywhere else just check 925 Silver Jaipur for Silver Jewellery collection. We are providing the most attractive and pocket-friendly silver earrings in Jaipur. These Silver Earrings are created from pure silver that makes you glow even a lot of. We provide you the best collection in Jaipur. Whether you are of any taste these Silver Earrings will give the adorable look and make you unique from others.




Silver Pendants at 925 Silver Jaipur add even more elegance to your personality. These Silver Pendants add a massive look to beauty and available in different stylish designs. We also deal with gemstones pendants. A pendant symbolizes the wealth and power of the person so to maintain this philosophy the Silver Pendants are crafted calmly and carefully. We provide Silver pendants whose designs are manufactured uniquely also these are pocket-friendly for our customers. Every time they will find something new and trendy. So people with fashionable taste what are you looking for? Visit us now to make your look even more beautiful with 925 Silver Jaipur.




In India, especially girls are attractive to Bracelets. The word Bracelet is taken from the Latin word “BRACHIAL” which means “Of the Arm”. As we all know that bracelets worn by cultures all over the world since ancient times. 925 Silver Jaipur manufactured a variety of Bracelets that will surely hold your breath. These Silver Bracelets are so well defined that matches with your other ornaments and attire you wore. These Silver bracelets are enchanting and 925 Silver Jaipur takes care of your taste and always wants customers happy. Silver Bracelets made up of different stones and materials that make you gorgeous out of the stand. These Silver Bracelets can be worn as daily usage also. You can find the amazing collection on 925 Silver Jaipur at a reasonable price. The Silver Bracelets are the fashion statement of eternity that makes you glow evermore and also given as a charming present to someone on any festive occasion.




Silver Rings indicate love and commitment and are worn on the ring finger of the left hand to encircle the vein that leads straight to the heart. Silver Rings are the Heart Melted Gift Given to your loved ones. 925 Silver Jaipur manufactured with colored gemstones as well as diamonds. 925 Silver Jaipur manufactured Rings of your choice. 925 Silver Jaipur Crafts wedding rings, engagement rings, ordinary rings, etc. These Silver Rings will surely make your day. 925 Silver Jaipur has a great collection of Silver Rings. These Silver Rings are the best ornaments that will complete your look and suits with any of your attire. 925 Silver Jaipur provides you budget-friendly Silver Rings in an extensive variety of designs. If you are fond of Rings then for sure this Place is for you. So keep shopping from us and as always we want our customers happy.




Silver Toe-Rings is also known as “Silver Bichiya” in Hindi and “Marjorie Borell”  in the United States, 925 Silver Jaipur comes up with amiable designs to make your style unique and make you walk confidently. These Silver Toe-Rings are the unique Ornaments that are crafted with the best manufactured in Jaipur without being too expensive. According to our Indian Tradition Toe-Rings signifies that the woman is married. According to Indian tradition Silver Toe-Rings are worn in pairs and as per the Indian customs the husband puts the toe rings on the second toe of the wife’s feet during the wedding ceremony. According to Ayurveda, the most important benefit of the Silver Toe-Rings indicated to be worn to regulate the menstrual cycle. 925 Silver Jaipur provides a very huge collection with fabulous designs that will make you shop from our online store. So without wasting your time go and check the Silver Toe-Rings at 925 Silver Jaipur. Keep shopping with us and as always we want our customers happy.


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