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Top 7 Reasons to Buy Pure 925 Silver Jewellery

Top 7 Reasons to Buy Pure 925 Silver Jewellery

13-August | By 925silverjaipur

Jewelry is the one thing that a girl likes in her wardrobe the most (second to clothes). When we talk about jewelry, the focus automatically shifts to gold and sterling silver jewelry. While the former is known for its style, investment benefits, and cost, the latter is also a stylish investment but doesn’t necessarily burn a hole in the pocket. From classical and ancient times to futuristic motifs, silver jewelry continues to startle wearers as well as jewelry creators with its brilliant malleability and affordability. 

What is Sterling Silver?

Silver has a unique place in history and is popularly associated with wealth. Remember, the old saying – born with a silver spoon?

When it comes to jewelry, sterling silver is by far the most popular alloy worldwide. Sterling Silver contains 92.5% pure silver, and it has the exceptional characteristic of aging beautifully. Sterling silver is subtle, sophisticated as well as trendy, and versatile at the same time. This extraordinary alloy surely deserves a position as one of the most prized valuable metals. But people are devoid of the value Silver holds and what makes this metal so perfect and special. So what exactly is sterling silver, and how does it compare to pure silver and other popular metals? How does it suit the individual needs of jewelers, designers, and consumers?

Silver patinas are so beautiful that designers often exaggerate this quality in their designs. Also known as .925 silver, the alloy consists of 92.5 percent of fine silver and 7.5 percent of other alloys like copper. Sterling silver is used for its strength and durability.


7 Reasons to Buy 925 Silver Jewellery

Whether you are looking for a regular accessory or are going for a wedding, sterling silver is available in a variety of designs to meet your every need. Continue reading to know the top 7 reasons why you should go for 925 sterling silver jewelry.


1. It is Highly Durable

The most interesting fact that comes across every Silver Jewelry lover is its durability and unmatchable and undying brilliance that will stay with you for ages. It is so durable that you can gift it to your grandchildren and people do so. In India, the oldest the jewelry, the more precious and valuable it is. There's a tradition followed in our country to pass on the Silver Jewelry to the upcoming generation for their wedding and ceremonial purposes. There’s no doubt that jewelry is an important investment and you want it to last a lifetime. Buy sterling silver jewelry and you can rest assured of the durability. What you buy today, will look the same even after 50 years, provided you take care of it properly.

Before you buy silver jewelry online or directly through a store, ensure that you look at the back and inside of your silver piece. It must have the number 925 engraved on it, which means it contains 92.5% of sterling silver.


2. A Never-Ending Trend

From its inception, Silver Jewelry has never got out of trend and there's no stopping it because of the unending love it receives from women across the globe. Women like to keep up with the trends. If you are also one such trendy woman then you must know that sterling silver is just perfect for all times, as it never goes out of style. Numerous fashion trends like different hairstyles, cropped tops, ripped jeans, jewelry drifts will come and go but what will stay forever is the shine and opulence of Silver Jewelry. 

No matter what you want – bracelets, anklets, simple bands, or necklaces, sterling silver will always be one of the preferred metals as it is not as expensive as gold, yet it lends a magnificent precious metal look to your ensemble. Its affordability is one reason why people like it in all seasons, followed by its durable characteristics. So, if you buy silver jewelry today, you will need not to worry about its trend fading anytime soon. Check the latest jewelry trends that will blow away your mind on the 925 Silver Jewelry website.


3. Endless Options and Varieties

The very impressive quality of Sterling Silver Jewelry is that it has millions of options made available that suit every attire, complexion, face cut, and other important features of your body. The fact that the only metal which is used primarily to make alloys and which complements every other metal is Silver. If you go out and look for silver jewelry in the market you will find loads of designs and jewelry pieces that will make you spoiled for choices. The variety you get with Sterling Silver jewelry is nonpareil and irreplaceable by any other precious or non-precious metal. 

Silver is a very soft and malleable alloy. This is the reason why jewelry designers can mold it into various designs and pair them with different stones. Consequently, there is a limitless variety available in sterling silver.

You can find multiple silver jewelry items – banglesbracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, etc. With a wide variety available, you can always find a piece that fits your persona. So next time you go shopping, explore a new 925 sterling jewelry to add up your collection.


4. Incredibly Versatile

Silver is known to be the most preferred choice by women of all ages, as well as the men who love jewelry. You can buy sterling silver for any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or other celebrations around the year. The metal finish on silver adds a classy touch to your overall look. For those who like the look and feel of platinum but don’t want to invest money in it, sterling silver can be the perfect alternative.

You can even mix and match platinum and silver jewelry pieces and create an amazing look.


5. Good for Your Health

If jewelry makes you healthy, what one could ask more of? Silver is known to provide some extraordinary health and healing properties in comparison to any other metal. Silver has many health benefits. Unlike other metals, which can cause skin irritations or burns, silver is hypoallergenic – unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. 

Mostly, copper is added to the sterling silver, which is very less likely to cause an allergy. Silver is very pure as it was used by the voyagers in early times when they put silverware and silver coins in their drinking water to make it pure and fresh for long journeys.

People who are allergic to brass and copper can easily switch to sterling silver jewelry.

Silver further is known to prevent colds, flu, infections and helps in wound healing too. The alloy has been associated with antibiotics and skin repair.

Therefore, sterling silver is not only good for your appearance but for your well being and health too.


6. Easy Maintenance

Silver requires very little maintenance. Though some face the issue of tarnish, it can be easily fixed with some recipes, which are easily available online. Even tarnished Silver has its own brilliance as many fashion influencers came up with the oxidized silver jewelry which became so popular and trendy. Oxidized and rustic jewelry has a corroded appeal that attracts like no other metal. Silver, when left unused for too long, can develop discoloration. But, it is temporary and can be washed off easily.

Some stores even provide a varnish that will help you clean your silver jewelry and get the silver sparkling back.


7. Inexpensive Luxury

Last but not least, silver jewelry is quite pocket-friendly. No doubt it is a precious piece of metal but is very cheap as compared to other metals like platinum and gold. You can easily get your desired look that fits our budget. It's so cheap than gold, diamond, or any platinum jewelry but it still gives you that princessy look you were dying to get when you were a child. Also, silver does not depreciate. It is very safe to invest in precious metals as their values go up gradually and you will see no loss in investing for your future. Buying gold or silver is considered a safe and good investment.


925 Silver Jewellery – Perfect Blend of Style and Affordability

Overall, silver jewelry can be your next best friend, thanks to its style, elegance, luxury, and various health benefits. And, buy silver jewelry online and start building your collection now.

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