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Sterling Silver - 925 Silver

Sterling Silver - 925 Silver

04-March | By 925silverjaipur


Traditionally Silver is known as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Did you ever think that Sterling Silver and Pure Silver are the same things? Well, my friend, they both are actually two distinct materials and have their uses and benefits. Let's take a glance at both the materials.

Pure Silver is also known as Fine Silver contains 99.9% Silver and 0.01% other metal. Pure silver is very soft and delicate hence it is very difficult to shape properly. Pure Silver is not durable because of its softness as it can be easily bent, misshapen, damaged. Pure Silver is quite expensive as compared to sterling silver. Pure Silver can tarnish but it causes discoloring, fading, and creates a dirty layer on the jewelry.

Sterling Silver isn’t pure as compared to Fine Silver. But there are lots of benefits of Sterling Silver because it contains 92.5% Silver and 7.5% alloy metals which mainly contain copper. Sterling silver is mostly used for making Jewelry and other Silver Items. Sterling Silver easily tarnished and faster in the process because of the other alloy metals. Sterling silver jewelry exactly looks like Pure Silver jewelry and also it is pocket-friendly. Sterling Silver is more durable because it contains other allow metals which helps the piece of jewelry stay last forever without any mishappening.


We as a brand cares for our customers and maintains the quality of the product last forever. 925 Silver Jaipur manufactured hallmarked Sterling Silver jewelry and didn’t cause skin infection to the wearer as we use high-quality materials. To keep your Sterling Silver jewelry last forever you must keep it in a dark place away from air and water. Our piece of jewelry is manufactured in such a way that it can be clean with anti-tarnish liquids and a soft cloth. If you are fond of Silver Jewelry collection then check our online store for new designs and stylish Silver jewelry. The collection at 925 Silver Jaipur is breath-holding and will suit with any of the attire of the wearer. 925 Silver Jaipur deal in Silver Necklace, Silver Rings, Silver Earrings, Antique Silver Jewelry, Tribal Silver Jewelry, Temple Silver Jewelry, Silver Bangles and much more. 925 Silver Jaipur has a huge collection of adorable Jewelry items. You can save yourself with lots of trouble and cheating in Silver jewelry by purchasing real sterling Silver Jewelry from 925 Silver Jaipur.


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