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South Indian Silver Bridal Jewellery

South Indian Silver Bridal Jewellery

08-July | By 925silverjaipur

Indian culture worships Hindu Gods and Goddess where they not only pray to them but also wear their figures as jewelry to signify their devotion. Temple Jewellery is merely worn in South India, the pieces are shaped into Indian deities, specifically in gold and immersed in precious gems and stones. Scintillating, sensational, and striking- It is a site one cannot miss, to see a fully blossomed girl turn to a beautiful South Indian bride on her wedding. She awes you in every way she takes. Nowadays, millennial brides look at weddings in different styles, either a full-fledged destination wedding involving just the close relatives and significant others or a highly traditional stage is set where every moment is choreographed to a picture-perfect precision. With photographers, makeup artists, wedding planners, designers, decoration experts, florists- weddings are nothing short of a grand stage set for the wedding.

A central part amongst all this is Exclusive Jewellery purchased by almost all the near and dear ones and especially the bride. Silver Bridal Jewellery is the most viewed on that note considering Indian weddings. Apart from the arrangements, the bridal wear is one of the most talked-about in the marriage, be it attire or the precious Jewellery she adorns.  On her big day, a bride is everything beyond precision and perfection. Every detail big, small & minor is taken care of.

If you are that bride to be, you would want to continue this bridal Journey throughout. They say “All good things have to end” not necessarily!!! We all take away a share of our bridal memories with us and cherish them for a lifetime. Few of the memories include the gifts we get, the photographs we take, the wedding videos, clothes we wear, and most of all the Bridal Jewellery. All these items are stored in nooks of our wardrobes and lockers- waiting to be adorned on special occasions. However, we never find a perfect occasion to bring them back to use.

Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery gives the bride a divine and exquisite look. The antique finish layered chains of gold balls, colored beads, and Nakshi work is all set to give the bride a million-dollar appearance. The Goddess pendants studded with precious gemstones, uncut diamonds, polkis, nakshi balls, or south sea pearls are trending since this jewelry looks heavy and gives the bride and opulently traditional appearance. Nakshi waist belts or vaddanams are very popular to flaunt the overall bridal appearance. The favorite design for pendants is that of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.

Bridal Kasi Necklace

A traditional feature of the South Indian trousseau, you see, the selling point of the Kasi necklace are the gold coins engraved with Goddess Lakshmi’s portrait, symbolic in the most common association of prosperity with the deity. A matching set of earrings complete this fantastic set, for an elegantly traditional bridal profile.

Guttapusalu Haram

Gutta Pusalu haram is a famous South Indian traditional design with heavy bunches of beautifully adorned small pearls, clustered along an antique gold chain. The Gutta pusalu haram or necklace is usually studded with rich rubies, emeralds, or kundans and looks very graceful which are why it has become a trendy choice for today’s brides. Some of the Gutta pusalu necklaces come in reversible models with different colored stones studded on both sides.

Gold Haram

This stunning gold haram bridal necklace is a beauty to behold. The multiple strings of gold held together by stone-studded clasps form a relatively long necklace. The centerpiece of this gold necklace is simply gorgeous. This can complement the overall rich south Indian bridal look with a sophisticated jewellery profile.

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