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Silver jewelry: The new mantra for trendsetters

Silver jewelry: The new mantra for trendsetters

12-February | By 925silverjaipur

It is extremely warm of someone when she/he gifts you something without any reason. Do you remember those days when you received those gifts, felt special and grateful for having friends with a heart like that? Well, just imagine how will your loved ones feel if they will be receiving gifts from you without any special reason. They will just feel awesome and their day will be made. In order to put a smile on their faces, you can do a number of things like baking cake for them, gifting them their favourite ice cream, getting them the latest outfit that is in trend or for that matter a pair of sterling silver earrings in case your loved one is a female.

It is not a surprise to see so many females carrying beautiful silver jewelry, these days. With the striking fashion trends, people are welcoming this new year with a lot of beauty, expressed through dresses, jewelry, accessories, handbags, perfumes and shoes.

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No matter where you will be looking, it will really not be a challenge for you to spot people in silver jewelry of some kind or the other. The magazines, newspapers, fashion shows are revolving around silver jewelry. Gone are the days when gold and diamond used to steal the show. Now is the season for silver. A pair of sterling silver earrings will look really very beautiful when donned with a black coloured dress.

If in case you have decided to buy silver earrings online, then you have taken a good decision. This is because, all the top jewelry brands are happily selling their jewelry online because they are aware of the fact that maximum people are preferring to buy jewelry from the virtual stores because no one has that much of a time these days to go to a physical store and devote time in the selection of a piece of jewelry.

Silver jewelry has health benefits as well. They are known to have antibacterial properties in them that help in fighting any type of skin infection and allergy with full potential. This is one more reason why people happily invest in silver.

Find the few ways in which you can manage to identify real silver from a fake one:

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If you will place an ice cube on silver, then it will melt immediately. Ice will anyhow melt in any case, but with silver, it will melt much faster.

Now, you can try the same thing with a magnet. Use Neodymium magnet and you will notice that it is not sticking that easily.

Authentic silver jewelry will have a .925 stamp on it so that the one who is wearing it can relax a bit. These type of a stamp comes in small minute letters so watch with a little caution in order to ensure a safe buy. Plus, silver jewelry get tarnished very easily. So it is a favorable sign.

Plus, read up about the client testimonials before making a final decision to buy silver earrings online.

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