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Scientific reasons for wearing silver jewelry

Scientific reasons for wearing silver jewelry

27-February | By 925silverjaipur

Silver jewelry is ruling the market these days. The precious gold, diamond are platinum are very costly. This is one of the reasons why 76% of the online shoppers are shifting to silver. Silver is very economical when compared to other metals. So, be it from the aspects of fashion or from the aspects of shopping jewelry by maintaining a budget, you are sure to find beautiful solutions through silver.

If you are planning to invest in silver earrings, then it is a good choice. Why? If you are an Indian female, then the chances are very high that you have a beautiful brown skin. Silver will simply look gorgeous on such skin tones.

If scientific facts are to be considered then, wearing earrings is very beneficial. Wearing them have an acupuncture-effect on the body. If the history of ancient China is to be considered, the primary motive of creating earrings was just to benefit the health rather than beautifying the female body parts. The acupuncture area of the ear helps the entire body to maintain a good balance. Females who suffer from menstruation issues suffered a lot. Hence, in the ancient times, the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates, around 470 B.C. expressed that by wearing an earring and  by piercing a ear, will contribute some type of solace to the suffering females. In fact, stemming from this, people belonging to the ancient era used to treat diseases (categorized under the feminine Yin organs) through earrings for the lef year. When it came to recover from some other types of diseases (belonging to the masculine Yang organs) it was done recommending earrings for the right ear.

Fashion wise, several new trends are coming up through new shapes and patterns of the silver earrings. Jewelers are designing earrings based on the lightness and heaviness of the face. There are several different shapes of the face, keeping them under consideration different patterns of earrings are produced. So, one will never be disappointed while shopping for silver earrings because the availability of pattern is impressive.

Silver anklets too are under great demand these days. This is because the female feet are delicate and they could be beautified through anklets even more. There are several benefits of wearing an anklet. It is believed by the Hindu culture and ritual that an individual’s energy does not get wasted because it gets redirected back to the body through anklets. Anklets stop the energy to walk out of the body. Along with this, it is a fact that women wear a lot of gold jewelry due to which a lot of electrical currents are generated. These currents are required to be nullified in the body in order to keep the positive energies flowing in the biological system. Hence the practice of wearing silver anklets began.

Along with this, silver helps the body in fight skin infections through its antibacterial properties. So, spending money on silver is more of an investment. Do it today ad own some trendy silver jewelry soon.

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