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Pure Silver Handbags and Purses

Pure Silver Handbags and Purses

11-December | By 925silverjaipur

Silver Purses:

If you are looking for places to find the perfect gift for your mother, sister, wife, fiancé or friend then do not look beyond. We have the most unique gift that is going to bring smiles on their faces. Introducing to you the versatile pieces in pure silver bags & pure silver clutch purses. Scroll below to see and click the link below if you'd like to buy directly from here. We have mainly 8 types of silver clutches, all of them are carefully handcrafted with artisans work of Jaali, mesh, floral, weave pattern, sling style.

Party Silver Clutch:

The below silver clutch opens just like any other clutch and has a strong interlock system. The physical features are designed through the weaving process and once you purchase we will attach velvet on the inside for a finished look.


Oxidized Party Silver Clutch:

This silver purse is almost the same as the first one above but the finish is more oxidized. The physical features are designed through the weaving process and once you purchase we will attach velvet on the inside for a more finer look.


Floral Silver Clutch Purse :

This is also a pure silver handcrafted purse with a small floral motif design. The rest of the features of the purse are just like the above the two clutch purses.


Jali Sliver Clutch Purse :

This is another work of art by our craftsmen but weighs much higher than the rest of the silver purses. Also made in a similar pattern, i.e. woven.


Box type Silver Purse :

One of the most unique silver purses in our collection, the box type silver purse, opens just a box and is lightweight and super comfortable to carry.


Pure Silver Clutch with Sling :

This is yet another very similar to the previous one but way more handy as it is slightly smaller, opens like a box and has a sling. This is also our most preferred silver clutch among the collection as it is a unique piece and can be carried more casually than others.


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Most of our silver clutches are made for special occasions and with Christmas & New Year around, one doesn't need a bigger reason to gift.

We hope this little article gave you ideas for gifting, whether to your loved ones or yourself.

                                                'Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear' - Iris Afpel


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