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More Nourishing Than Nice: Benefits of 925 Silver

More Nourishing Than Nice: Benefits of 925 Silver

30-January | By 925silverjaipur

Also called Sterling silver, 925 Silver jewelry’s demand has always been on a rise. And thanks to e-commerce platforms, there has been an exponential rise in the number of customers who buy silver earrings online. Given the lucrative offers and discounts that one gets on e- purchasing. But not only one looks good and gorgeous with 925 jewelry on them, it also has much to do with health too. Wearing 925 silver anklets, rings, pendants, etc. has more health benefits than one could imagine. So let’s have a look upon some of the many health benefits of wearing 925 jewelry.

1. Mine of Positivity

Studies have proved that wearing 925 jewelry can boost levels of energy, sense of balance, and emotional behavior.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

The positively charged silver (ions) help create a conductive field that reflects “bad” electromagnetic radiation away from wearer’s the body. Thus stimulating the body’s natural conductivity, and improving blood circulation.

3. Helps in an Improved Decision Making

By chasing-off the negative vibes around you, 925 silver jewelry clears your thinking process. Resulting in more diligent, compassionate, and well-observed decisions.
4. Keeps Cold and Flu Away

Its antibacterial and antibiotic properties prove to be a blessing for those who are more prone to catching cold and allergies as soon as the season changes. Well spent bucks on an authentic 925 can help you cut your seasonal medical bills to a greater extent. The positively charged silver ions bind to the negatively-charged oxygen receptors in bacteria and viruses, breaking them down and in effect, suffocating them.

5. Keeps Water Good

Silver coins prove to a good solution for making water drinking fit. As the antibacterial properties of silver have proven to slow down the replication process of bacteria like E.coli. That’s why it is advised to drink water from the purifiers which contain filters made of silver and copper. And the good thing about 925 silver is the fact that it contains a good percentage of copper too.

6. Good For Bones

Wearing 925 rings, bracelets, silver anklets and other jewelry can help ease the pain in arthritic conditions.  Folks with arthritic conditions in their hands have benefited from specially-designed silver rings that help reduce their joint inflammation and ease movement.

Given these, and numerous others, health benefits of 925 silver, deciding to buy a 925 this festive season might prove to be a good decision. Not only 925 is value for money, the charisma it adds to the wearer’s personality is second to nothing. So if you too are impressed with the beauty and healing effects of 925, as mentioned above, choose and buy silver earrings online for your loved ones too.

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