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Gifting in Diwali

Gifting in Diwali

23-October | By 925silverjaipur

Diwali, a festival that truly signifies the triumph of good over evil, of righteousness over treachery, of truth over falsehood, and of lights over darkness. Most importantly, it signifies new year for the ones celebrating it. It is the one festival that is celebrated throughout the country and by Hindu families around the globe, when family members come together, where diyas & lanterns are lit for three days or more. 

Festivals be it anywhere is that time of the year where gifting one another is a major ritual. With Diwali being one of the biggest for certain communities, gifting during Diwali is not only a major ritual but a huge part of the celebration in itself. Gifts can range from simple chocolates to Fancy delicacy sweets, or diyas and candles to even portable lights, electronics gifts have a whole new range within itself. One thing very common and much appreciated apart from Diwali sweets are the new clothing & jewellery. Jewellery is an important element in Diwali, cause do you really need an occasion to wear new jewellery? 

Why gift Jewellery on Diwali?

In India, one festival hasn't ended and the next one is around the corner. Very sure most of you would agree on this, but one such season that demands maximum thrill & enjoyment is the month where Navrathri, Dashera, Karwa Chauth, Diwali and Bhai dhooj all come along one after and another. When so many festivities come along, there comes the need for new jewellery and Diwali constitutes for a larger enthusiasm. There may be five days to Diwali but Dhanteras is the when most people bring some jewellery home, be it for themselves or for others since it is considered as one of the most auspicious days to buy jewellery. It is the day to devote respect to goddess Lakshmi as she is the goddess of Wealth & Prosperity. 

Why gift Silver?

A lot of people relate Dhanteras to buying gold, but it is all the rise of notions & beliefs of people over the years. Dhanteras is an auspicious day for buying precious metals, be it gold, Silver or others that come under the category of jewellery and articles. Buying Silver jewellery brings as much good luck and prosperity to one as any other metal would. Silver is one of the many metals that is known for its various positive properties that bring not only good health but also destroy various harmful bacteria of the body. Now we wouldn't want to keep talking about how good Silver is as a metal for jewellery or otherwise but let us tell you how gifting from 925 Silver Jaipur would be beneficial to you.

Why gift from 925 Silver Jaipur?

If you have been reading till here, then you must either really like silver since always or you have now become open to change, well whatever be the reason, we are here to make you Diwali as special as it can be.

As mentioned before, Diwali gives an opportunity to bring new things and here we are with our latest product for you, i.e., Diwali Gift Cards. A better and easier way to gift your loved ones with their choice of purchase. 

Gift cards as you know are simple cards that hold a certain value and the amount is redeemed by the receiver at the time of purchase, by the method of coupon code or scratch and paste. We have Gift Cards with values ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10,000. Also, to keep the Diwali spirits in zeal, there is a flat 10% off on purchase of all the cards (only until 31st of October'19).

There are 4 main types of Gift Cards and they are differentiated by the value they hold and the color of the card. Following are the 4 main cards that you can gift.

The Silver Card:

The value of the card is Rs. 1000, but you can buy it for Rs. 900 only.

silver gift card

The Gold Card:

The value of the card is Rs. 2500, but you can buy it for Rs. 2250 only.

Gold Gift Card

The Rose Gold Card:

The value of the card is Rs. 5000, but you can buy it for Rs. 4500 only.

Rose Gift Card

The Red Card:

The value of the card is Rs. 10000, but you can buy it for Rs. 9000 only.

Special Gift Card


So without wasting any more time looking for the perfect gift, just click on one of the above cards and gift loved ones this Diwali. Happy Shopping!


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