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Different Types of Silver used in Jewellery

Different Types of Silver used in Jewellery

30-November | By 925silverjaipur

Wearing silver jewellery is gaining a lot of popularity as there are many different types of silver available in the market today. Silver has known to be the proven track record as a powerful antimicrobial agent which help in fighting infections and it has many significant health benefits. There are different silver used for making jewellery. Whether it is a silver pendant, ring or necklace, silver jewellery looks extremely beautiful and amazing. So grab the latest designer silver jewellery online India.

It is important to understand that silver jewellery should be of high quality, so make sure that you look for the quality stamp on the jewellery items. This is considered to be the quickest way to identify the quality. Some of the different types of silver are:

  • Fine silver is very famous and it is the closest metal to the pure element silver. It indicates 99.9% purity. It tends to appear grayer and it is considered to very soft as it can scratch, dent and can change the shape easily. It is less common in jewellery because you cannot wear it anywhere.
  • Sterling silver looks extremely beautiful, the metals are added to the alloy to increase the hardness so that it can be more durable. It is bright and shiny but it will get tarnished. It is said that the tarnish can be delayed but it cannot be prevented.
  • Non-tarnish alloys are new to the market. Argentium is one of the brands and these alloys have a minimum of 92.5% silver. Though there are some that are slightly higher in the silver content. There are some conditions where non-tarnish alloys can still tarnish under extreme conditions.
  • Silver filled is the famous new layered metal that was introduced earlier. It is not considered as an alloy because the metal content is not the same. The silver layer tends to be thicker but this is a much lower quality product.
  • The metal which has extremely thin plating layer of silver has applied to the surface. The silver content is less and it is an affordable jewellery. Plating can also tarnish and will expose the base metal underneath.
  • The metal alloys that are only silver in the appearance are the Tibetan silver and many other alloys are also described as the tribal silver. There are many alloys which do not contain silver at all, so these jewellery items should be purchased cautiously. The look beautiful and amazing.

These are some of the different types of silver available in the market. Woman are fond of wearing silver jewellery as it has benefits beyond affordability because it has the major benefit of balancing the elements of the body. Silver pendant and ring are becoming popular because it has the ability to enhance the look of a woman. Wearing silver can complete the overall look, so choose the best silver. Silver jewellery is known to be the timeless piece of adornment. So don't wait to grab the latest designer silver jewellery online India


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