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Different Types of Nose Rings That Accentuate the Style of Wearer

Different Types of Nose Rings That Accentuate the Style of Wearer

12-December | By 925silverjaipur

If you love to keep yourself updated with the fashion trends and style, then let us tell you that artificial nose rings have taken the world by storm. A nose pin is not something that has been introduced in recent years. Indian women have been adorning themselves with this stunning accessory for centuries. Just the patterns and designs have changed. To satiate the ever-evolving fashion needs of women, craftsmen and artisans have come up with distinctive styles of silver nose pins, stone studded nose rings, semi-precious nose studs, and many more. When you buy silver jewellery online, you will be flooded with a plethora of options to choose from. But to make the trendiest purchase, you should first know about the different types of nose rings. Read this article to the end and get enlightened!

Hoop Nose Ring

Hoops always look stylish when it comes to adorning your nose. These types of nose rings can be found in different designs and sizes in metallic, gold, and silver colors. If you want to gift yourself a contemporary look this season, then prefer opting for this type of nose ring. This will certainly let you grab many eyeballs as it calls for a bit of attention.

L-shaped Nose Ring

As its name suggests, L-shaped nose rings are a great option for those who want to experiment with their looks and style. They have a straight post with adornment on the end that is bent at a 90-degree angle. They are easier to wear in comparison with the other types of nose rings. You can find it easily from silver jewellery online stores.

Silver Nose Pins
These come with pin post which makes it easier to wear. They come in a huge variety of unique designs that you can easily explore when you set your mind to buy silver jewellery online. The moment you start looking at the pieces, you will surely be spoilt for choices. If you want a simple look, then go for small size silver nose pins studded with dazzling stones. It will make you look elegant and spruce up your style up to the hilt. The little ball on the end is pushed through the piercing and holds the jewellery in place.
Platinum Nose Rings

This silver-colored metal is undoubtedly expensive but looks extraordinarily beautiful on the wearer. It never causes skin irritation and rashes and is intended to last for a lifetime. This rare and valuable metal is something to vouch for totally! Platinum nose rings are in trend and women like to wear them not only with the traditional outfits but with western attires as well.

Nose Stud

Nose studs are classic and have been the all-time favorite of Indian women for quite a long time. If you don’t like to change your look and appearance that often, then go for this basic nose stud that comes with a single stud on the tip that looks stunning. Sometimes you just need not do anything extra to look special; your simplicity is enough to attract people towards you.

So, which style of nose pin or nose rings will you opt for? Whatever you may choose, just buy it from an authentic silver jewellery store that doesn’t dupe you by selling fake products at skyrocketing prices. Be wise and make a purchase after extensive research!


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