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A Guide to Pick the Right Jewellery with Your Outfit

A Guide to Pick the Right Jewellery with Your Outfit

09-May | By 925silverjaipur

You have to attend a party after office and you already know what you are going to wear. You have spent days to finalize your outfit and have explored almost every store in your city to buy that one perfect dress. Of course, it would have been hectic and strenuous but the end result was all worth it, isn’t it? Now you are relaxed and all set to flaunt your stunning dress to the party. Right? But wait, aren’t you forgetting something? Yes, you are and we are talking about accessories. Just to inform you, picking the right jewellery with your dress is going to be much more challenging and stressful than zeroing in on the attire. To get those silver earrings that go perfectly well with your dress is going to give you a headache. But need not worry as we have come up with 4 factors that will help you choose the best jewellery with your outfit. Let’s get started:


First and foremost, consider the event that you are going at as it will have a huge impact on the choice of your jewellery. You cannot wear funky earrings or bracelet to a formal event where you are expected to look elegant and classy with minimal jewellery, such as a silver chain and simple studs. However, if you are attending a party in a club which will be a casual gathering of friends, you can wear something fancy and funky.

Skin Tone

Next in the list is a skin tone as you need to select the pieces that highlight your features rather than overpowering it. No matter how much you like a particular piece of jewellery, if it doesn’t go well with your skin tone, then every penny spent on it is just a waste. Therefore, make sure that the piece goes well with your skin and features. For example, a silver accessory is perfect for all natural skin tones while gold suits matte ones.


Another significant factor that you must consider while selecting jewellery for an event is your comfort. If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, then even the best piece will not suit you at all. Also, you need to analyze if it suits your taste or not. Do not wear something just because it looks good on your friend or cousin. Therefore, try jewellery before and see if it is too heavy for you to carry throughout the event or not. If you are sure that you can wear it without any worries, then go for it.


Instead of matching from head to toe, contrast combinations are quite in vogue these days. If you have worn a busy patterned dress that has heavy embroidery and work, then avoid pairing it with equally heavy jewellery. Opt for a simple silver chain and studs so that the design of your dress can be highlighted. Similarly, if your dress is simple, then pick something heavy and fancy to match with it.

Well, these points will help you choose the best silver earrings and other accessories for your coming party. Remember, be yourself and wear what you are to be comfortable and confident, everything else will fall in place naturally.

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