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8 Exquisite Silver Gift Items for Wedding that Everyone will Love

8 Exquisite Silver Gift Items for Wedding that Everyone will Love

16-July | By 925silverjaipur

Received a wedding invitation recently? Then you certainly must be in the dilemma of picking a wedding gift. A wedding is the most auspicious event in one’s life. The exquisite venue, breathtaking decoration, music, extravagant clothes, etc. make weddings special. 

For the guests, while the excitement of attending a wedding is high, the pain of choosing a gift is quite a burden. We are saying this because we know how difficult it is to find a wedding gift. Some couples like to be surprised, while some share their wedding registry with the guests. In case you are wondering about the wedding registry – it includes a list of silver gift items that engaged couples can select in advance and expect the guests to pick something from it. 

One of the age-old gifts that never go out of style is a precious metal piece. Silver is the second most important metal after the gold that is used for a variety of purposes – jewellery, cutlery, coins, bullions, etc. Especially in Indian culture, silver holds a special place when it comes to weddings and other auspicious occasions. Sterling silver is growing as a metal base due to its price, appearance, and value. But, its benefits extend beyond aesthetics and affordability. Silver has various health benefits too – antimicrobial agent, cold and flu prevention, protection against evil, stress reliever, etc. 

How great it would be if you could gift your loved one a fine piece of any silver jewellery item that will not only be useful but has some amazing health benefits too. We have curated a list of 8 silver gift items that you can buy now and gift wrap for your upcoming wedding invite. Top 8 silver gift ideas for your loved ones

Sterling Silver Necklace

Intrinsically designed, artisanal sterling silver necklaces are exquisite and eye-catching. They can be the perfect silver jewellery wedding gift. The one-of-a-kind appearance of a silver necklace is attention gaining. Your gift will be unique from the rest. You can either go for a sleek design or studded neckpiece based on your budget. 

Silver Anklets/Leg Kada

Silver payal or anklets can go up even with western outfits, unlike their golden counterparts. With the trend for oxidized jewellery already going up, gifting someone silver anklets can be a good choice. It can add up to their style quotient and make them look different. For example, the below-shown anklet is a perfect blend of fusion – traditional with a touch of modern contemporary. 

Silver Bangles

Bangles are a woman’s favorite piece of jewellery. They have a significant place in Indian culture. Designed with finesse and intricacy, they are a must-have. You can go for silver kadas too, that can be carried with both traditional and western wear. 

Silver Earrings 

Silver earrings can also be a perfect gift. As compared to other jewellery pieces, you need not worry about size and fit, as earrings are of a standard size. You can go for silver earrings studded with precious stones as it is more attractive than the simple ones. 

Silver Pendants 

Pendants are beautifully crafted and can be paired with any neckpiece. You can explore the wide variety of pendants available on various online sites and go for the one that fits your budget. Silver pendants are a good option as they are quite affordable and are a break from regular gold pendants.

Silver Crafts 

Silver crafts are the best alternative if you don’t want to gift any jewellery piece. You can choose from a wide variety of silver crafts like – sindoor boxes, customized silver items, good luck tokens, brooch, Deepak, bowl, rosewater sprinkler, and other antiques. Below is a silver peacock shaped sindoor box that can be a perfect gift.

Silver Purse/Bags 

This comes as quite different from the other gifts. Silver purses or clutches are a rare sight. They are considered elegant and gives a rich feel. If you don’t want to experiment much, you can go for a simple clutch shown in the image below. It can be carried to any party or evening getaway. 

Silver Chains

Who doesn’t love chain? It is a beautiful jewellery piece that enhances one’s entire look. Silver chains are simple yet look elegant and can match up with nearly any kind of attire. Women can pair these up with their western outfits too unlike heavy necklaces that go only with traditional outfits. Check out this beautiful silver chain with a classic pendant that can give you that royal feel. 

You don’t need to roam around the streets to find the perfect silver gift item. There are a lot of online sterling silver item sellers from where you can pick a suitable gift. We hope our list will help you find your desired gift. 

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