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8 Exquisite Silver Gift Items for Wedding that Everyone will Love

8 Exquisite Silver Gift Items for Wedding that Everyone will Love

16-July | By 925silverjaipur

Received a wedding invitation recently? Then you certainly must be in the dilemma of picking a wedding gift. A wedding is the most auspicious event in one’s life. The exquisite venue, breathtaking decoration, music, extravagant clothes, etc. make weddings special. 

For the guests, while the excitement of attending a wedding is high, the pain of choosing a gift is quite a burden. We are saying this because we know how difficult it is to find a wedding gift. Some couples like to be surprised, while some share their wedding registry with the guests. In case you are wondering about the wedding registry – it includes a list of silver gift items that engaged couples can select in advance and expect the guests to pick something from it. 

One of the age-old gifts that never go out of style is a precious metal piece. Silver is the second most important metal after the gold that is used for a variety of purposes – jewelry, cutlery, coins, bullions, etc. Especially in Indian culture, silver holds a special place when it comes to weddings and other auspicious occasions. Sterling silver is growing as a metal base due to its price, appearance, and value. But, its benefits extend beyond aesthetics and affordability. Silver has various health benefits too – antimicrobial agent, cold and flu prevention, protection against evil, stress reliever, etc. 

How great it would be if you could gift your loved one a fine piece of any silver jewelry item that will not only be useful but has some amazing health benefits too. We have curated a list of 8 silver gift items that you can buy now and gift wrap for your upcoming wedding invite. Top 8 silver gift ideas for your loved ones

Sterling Silver Necklace


You can't get enough of the beautiful and luxurious silver necklace. There is always something about these silver necklaces that makes you stand out from the crowd and shine like a red carpet star. Intrinsically designed, artisanal sterling silver necklaces are exquisite and eye-catching. They ooze a charming radiance whenever the sunlight hits them and dazzle whenever any light sparkles on them. Silver Necklaces are always a rich and expensive gift to give and it is always special to receive such an enticing gift from your loved ones. They can be the perfect silver jewelry wedding gift. The one-of-a-kind appearance of a silver necklace is attention gaining. Your gift will be unique from the rest. You can either go for a sleek design or studded neckpiece based on your budget. 

Silver Anklets/Leg Kada

Silver Anklets are an important part of any outfit. They are considered pretty essential, especially with an Indian outfit. There are no limits to their use, you can even pair them up with your western outfits considering current fashion trends and uniqueness in the fashion game. Silver Payal or anklets can go up even with western outfits, unlike their golden counterparts. Not only do they produce a melodious sound when you wear them, but also they are said to have many health benefits too. Silver Payal activates the lymph glands in the body to boost immunity. With the trend for oxidized jewelry already going up, gifting someone silver anklets can be a good choice. It can add up to their style quotient and make them look different. For example, the below-shown anklet is a perfect blend of fusion – traditional with a touch of modern contemporary. 

Silver Bangles

Bangles are a woman’s favorite piece of jewelry. 925 Silver Jaipur is home to the most gorgeous silver and regal bangles that display the most exquisite artwork from the most experienced jewelry designers of the country. Your wrists must have an adornment to rejoice at every festival with extraordinary passion and energy. Designed with finesse and intricacy, they are a must-have accessory for every occasion and also for your jewelry box. Well, your search stops at the striking and shimmering silver bangles with gloss work. They have a significant place in Indian culture. You can go for silver kadas too, that can be carried with both traditional and western wear. You must be wondering where to find such exquisitely artful silver bangles, 925 Silver Jaipur is the one-stop destination to let go of all of your problems.

Silver Earrings 

Silver Earrings are said to be one of the most adorable accessories for your daily outfits. They are the best way you can style your Indian attire as well as your casual outfits. Silver earrings have been in fashion since their inception a long time ago and they have continuously been adorned by every woman in the world. They are an excellent gift that makes you stand out from all the gift-givers. They are loved by women as without it a woman cannot complete her ensemble. So, it is a great choice to give Silver Earrings and Silver Jhumkas as a perfect anniversary gift for the women in your life. As compared to other jewelry pieces, you need not worry about size and fit, as earrings are of a standard size. You can go for silver earrings studded with precious stones as it is more attractive than the simple ones. Get caught up on our website and look for the sumptuous silver earrings that will make your day.  

Silver Pendants 


Simply alluring and a beautiful accessory that lifts your fashion standards to an all-time high, the Silver Pendants gives you an exceptional ensemble for a perfect night party or a wedding celebration. The gleaming and shimmering appearance of the beautiful pearl affixed between a sleek chain gives when the light falls on the pendant can entice every beholder and make you fall in love with the silver jewelry and you all over again. Silver Pendants go with any style you want to pursue, be it a traditional outfit or your formal office wear, or a cool party outfit. Pendants are beautifully crafted and can be paired with any neckpiece. You can explore the wide variety of pendants available on various online sites and go for the one that fits your budget. Silver pendants are a good option as they are quite affordable and are a break from regular gold pendants.

Silver Crafts 

The love for arts and crafts never goes out of style and is perfect to decorate and embellish your home and a little space in the corner of your room. They can also be a great alternative to any home decor item as they are appealing and good looking as compared to any other stone made or plastic made decor item. Silver made crafts are a great option to gift to your loved ones as they are made of silver and silver never loses its charm. Silver crafts are the best choice if you are low on budget and don’t want to gift any jewelry piece but want your gift to be stylish and rich looking. You can choose from a wide variety of silver crafts like – sindoor boxes, customized silver items, good luck tokens, brooch, Deepak, bowl, rosewater sprinkler, and other antiques. Below is a silver peacock shaped sindoor box that can be a perfect gift.

Silver Purse/Bags 

Level up your convenience style by investing in the trendiest Silver purse and bags that give you the fashion you need to outdo your fashion contenders. A perfect gift for your women and stylish addition to your silver collection, these silver bags and purses will give you extra space to carry your essentials as well as lend you a feminine charm. This comes as quite different from the other gifts because you are presenting a piece of jewelry that also provides convenience to hold your essentials. Silver purses or clutches are a rare sight for every viewer because you see silver purses not so often as they are very luxurious and rich. They are considered elegant and as said above give a rich feel. If you don’t want to experiment much, you can go for a simple clutch shown in the image below. It can be carried to any party or evening getaway. 

Silver Chains


Who doesn’t love silver chains? It is a beautiful jewelry piece that enhances one’s entire look. Lending you an opulent charm and a rich look, Silver Chains are very important for embellishing your neckline. They look so charming with every outfit on any occasion. Whatever you wear, an Indo-western dress or a formal white shirt with a skirt, silver chains are never gonna disappoint you and will make you shine like a princess on any occasion. Silver chains are simple yet look elegant and can match up with nearly any kind of attire. Women can pair these up with their western outfits too unlike heavy necklaces that go only with traditional outfits. Check out this beautiful silver chain with a classic pendant that can give you that royal feel. 


You don’t need to roam around the streets to find the perfect silver gift item. There are a lot of online sterling silver item sellers from where you can pick a suitable gift. Hop on to the 925 Silver Jaipur website to find your most favorite Silver Items to gift for this wedding season. Check out the entire collection of stunning silver accessories to gift yourself during this wedding season. We hope our list will help you find your desired gift. 


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