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5 Things to Ensure Before Participating in a Jewellery Show

5 Things to Ensure Before Participating in a Jewellery Show

22-May | By 925silverjaipur

You must have heard of the immensely popular and splendid Jaipur silver jewelry show. What could be a bigger opportunity to look for the best jewelry designs of the country in one place? Jaipur Jewellery Show is the most prestigious and glamourous event for jewelry lovers to grab the astonishing pure silver pieces. Every year, a plethora of jewelry shows are conducted in India where the biggest brands in the industry and new entrepreneurs participate to boost their sales. The Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) is one of the most preferred jewelry shows in the country and is commonly known as the December Show. It brings together a diversity of art forms beyond the nation beneath one shelter every second last week of December of the year. The exhibition is designed and arranged for every jewelry enthusiast to understand, inhale, and relish the modern art of jewelry patterns and to rejoice every December, the most anticipated celebration of Jewellery in the Pink City.

Moreover, clients from different cities visit these trade shows to get their hands on the latest designs and patterns. These events can be a great tool to market your products and increase sales or one can end up wasting money and time in these shows. What results you achieve at the end depends on your approach and preparation before the event starts. As the Jaipur Jewellery Show 2020 is approaching soon, with the most probable dates being 19th December to 22nd December, we thought to guide you through advance arrangements that you must ensure. Take a look at these points that you must do before every trade fair:


Planning your goal

Planning in every activity is itself a nice plan for the successful execution of what you want to do. Make a plan before stepping into the show. Plan what are your end goals would be, and what you want to extract from the whole show! What do you plan to achieve or expect from the show? Each businessman has a clear target for participating in a jewelry show. If you are a businessman or a jewelry manufacturer you must know your counterparts, who are the competitors who will be participating with you and can outdo you. You can plan on how to leave them behind by applying certain call to action strategies or by maintaining the USP of your product. You can plan to launch a new product as well, meet more wholesale suppliers, sell a particular amount of pieces, and earn a profit, establish themselves in the market. You need to zero in on your motive and it can be more than one. You can also intend to promote your store that sells silver jewelry online in India. The primary step is to have a clear and concise goal. In the crux, we can say plan everything that will lead you to profit, if not profit, as a businessman, you must learn a lot from this once in a year event.



This show is a golden opportunity for you to market your valuable products. By marketing your product, you are earning a name for your brand. People will know that your brand exists, it has good quality products, and it follows a good USP. Word of Mouth is still considered the best way to market your product. Promote your existence way before you are entering in the show. Let others know that you will be present in the JJS and there they will be able to extract immense discounts. When people talk about your product, then it is a success. People need to know that your store exists in the event. You have to spread the word that you are participating in the jewelry show. Invite your clients and suppliers to the event by luring them through exciting deals and discounts. Give them all the necessary details, including your booth number, contact details, etc. Promote your participation in the event via your website, social media platforms, banners, and other marketing tools.



Before any profit, a businessman has to bear a cost. This cost is not a loss, but a valuable investment that will attract profits. Of course, you will have to shell out to set up your booth in a trade show. Promotions, banner designing, booth decorations, additional workers, etc., will need you to incur an extra cost. So try and plan out and budget each cost you are going to bear while incurring the expenses on the abovementioned activities. You have to prepare a budget and plan your expenses and expected returns. Sit with your accountant or finance manager and discuss all the budget-related issues to avoid any confusion or going over budget.


Designing the booth

Simply having a booth in the upcoming Jaipur Jewellery Show 2020 is not enough. You need to be extra careful while maintaining your place. Make your booth cohesive, easy to the eye, and at the same time attractive. This is one of the major tasks, as you can manufacture a good product, you may set a good and affordable price too, but you must know how to attract and lure customers to buy your products and end sales. As they say, the first impression is the last. Your booth will be the first thing that visitors will see and it will play an important role in bringing them in. You have to design it and decorate it in an elegant and classy manner to grab the eyeballs of all the visitors. You can also appoint a designer or manager to look after your booth and maintain it throughout the days of the show. This will make you stand apart from your peers and people will be enticed to at least have a look at your collection.


Deciding the collection

Selecting the jewelry that you will be displayed at the booth is a challenging task. Your best jewelry will be having a place at your booth. You cannot take your whole jewelry store to the event. That's why you should select the only ones which are accessible enough and are your trademark pieces. You will have to research and plan in detail depending on the latest fashion and demand. Your motive and goal will play a crucial part in this step too. Also, if you are someone who sells silver jewelry online in India rather than having a physical store, then you will have to hire workers who have thorough knowledge about jewelry and gems. Remember, your attitude is the key in this Jewelry Show as not only your jewelry will be accessed but your personality as a business owner will be outshined in the same.


Now you are all set to participate in a trade show and seek the benefits that it brings along. Remember, your preparation and research will take you a long way. So, leave no stone unturned and give your best shot.

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